Why we need to study a foreign language when we have all these translation software?

I very much agree with the question answered by Uncle Steve. Now that the technology is so developed and there are so many translation software, why do we have to study foreign languages ​​so hard? Steve said: "When we learn another language, we must be willing to consider ourselves as their people. When learning a language, we must be willing to integrate ourselves into their cultural environment." Especially in the United States now, because of the years of discrimination, which has led to riots and sacrifices, it makes me feel deeper when I hear such words. Discrimination is actually everywhere, maybe not skin color or race. But as long as we are willing to regard ourselves as them. There will be no fear or hatred in this world. This is also what technology can never replace, we speak the same words, sing the same songs, talk about common topics, laugh together and cry together, the most simple joy of human nature.

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